"Integrating Rose's nutritional therapy into my wellness experience was one of the best decisions I made to improve my overall heath.  Rose is caring, professional, positive, talented and a true expert in her field.  I am battling a lifelong rare disease that currently has no cure or treatment
available to patients, so I was searching for new innovative approaches in health.  Rose meticulously and carefully took the time to learn the
intricacies of my disease to devise an individualized curative nutritional plan for my specific needs.  She added key nutrients and removed irritant
foods which have already helped alleviate and ease some conditions associated with my rare genetic disease.  Rose opened my philosophical
boundaries by educating me how food communicates with the body.  Together, she's helping me utilize food and natural supplements as "Nature's Medicine Cabinet" to address my health.  Believing in empowering her clients, Rose is one of the most passionate and inspirational healthcare providers with whom I've worked.  Working with Rose has been an absolutely rewarding journey and I have, and will, continue to recommend her with the highest level of confidence to anyone dedicated to improving their health and wellbeing.  She gives me hope and helped me discover the power to influence the direction of my health with a personalized natural whole approach."


"Rose has been very helpful with some medical issues that I have been dealing with for a couple years. She taught me how to eat in a way that keeps me full and ensures that my energy levels are high and my issues do not flare up again. I am now aware of what specific types of foods to eat that are beneficial to me. I feel much healthier and through a combination of eating the proper foods and daily exercise I feel like myself again.  I am so pleased with the way Rose’s advice has helped me create a healthier lifestyle.  I found it fascinating to learn how to group foods together to get the best possible effects and how to choose foods which suited my lifestyle. She provided me with resources and assistance to help me to learn to listen to my body. She was supportive, comforting, funny and knowledgeable. I really can’t say enough amazing things about Rose and what she has done for me! "

-Denise, Pilates instructor


"I never really understood what “healthy eating” meant until working with Rose. I tracked my calories for over a year without missing a day, and became addicted to the nutritional labels on every food product. I knew that my yo-yo diets and weight fluctuation had to be controlled, which is when I reached out for help. If it weren't for Rose, the negative thoughts I had about my body and food would have quickly turned into an eating disorder. Rose allowed me to take a step away from the numbers and learn how to look at food from a healthier perspective. She encouraged me to eat, and to continue my love for food while still maintaining a diet that would nurture my busy lifestyle as a college student. She even introduced me to some of my new favorite food products that I didn't even know existed. I don’t know where I would be as a graduating senior without having Rose come into my life, but I know I would not be nearly as happy and satisfied with myself. I look forward to the next steps as a young adult and continuing my journey as a foodie and newly renowned health enthusiast."



 "Between a strong sugar addiction and yo yo diets that never worked, my body was starting to hate me. I was having trouble sleeping and my digestive system was completely out of wack. I met Rose and she introduced ideas about food and balance that have changed my life for the best. Rose's intuitive, caring and profound health coaching is a must for everyone."

- Kevin Navayne, Actor CSI: NY and Model for Armani


"When I was in Middle School, I started to experience symptoms of discomfort and pain in my stomach.  By the time I was a sophomore in High School, these symptoms became increasingly worse with the added discomfort of vomiting, joint pain, headaches, itching and burning of my skin, tingling and numbness in my arms and hands and extreme fatigue.  I barely had energy to get through school and my homework; I was in bed by 7:30pm every night.  I had to give up all social activities and some friendships because I did not have the energy to keep up.  I had been to many doctors in the hopes of finding a cure, when I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease in August 2008.  I immediately went on a Gluten Free diet and was so happy to finally have found the answer to all of my problems, or so I thought.  One year passed and I was strict to my Gluten Free diet, but all of my symptoms still had not disappeared, in fact, some became even worse.  I started to visit many doctors again and all I got was more and more medications that were doing nothing for me.  None of my doctors could diagnose anything and at 19 years old, I was taking about 10 different medications per day!  I knew I had to do something different, but what?  That’s when I came across Rose, by chance.  I really think it was fate…it was a blessing!  I have been working with Rose for 3 months now and I feel so much better!  Rose has a wonderful way of introducing new, good-for-me foods while removing foods that are harmful to me.  The change in the way I feel is remarkable!  When I eat properly, my stomach feels great!  All of the other symptoms are gone, my joint pain is much better and my energy level has increased.  I can see such a difference and I feel so much better that I never want to go back to my old eating habits.  I am no longer taking any of the medications and I feel so happy to have found a program that has created a lasting, positive change in my life!  Now I can start my senior year of college in the fall feeling positive about my future!  Thank you, Rose!"