Rose Nyad Orrell  HHC, AADP

My focus is working with digestive issues that are sourced from an emotional holding and working with them to gracefully unlock these root issues. The manifestations of this can appear as weight gain, IBS, Chronic yeast/ bacterial infections, Ulcers, Depression, Fatigue, Acne, etc. I believe we are all on very different healing journeys and I will work with you to find yours.

I have been on an amazing journey for the past 15 years leading up to my current position as a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with The American Association of Drugless Practioners . My experience first began with a natural desire to help people as well as heal myself from chronic IBS and Stress Ulcers. As a young adult I began studying Native American philosophy with a focus on awareness and dynamic meditation. This lead to a great knowledge and appreciation for nature and all it provides for us. Feeling like there was more I could be doing I then discovered Body Psychotherapy, finally a practical application to everything I believed in the process of self healing. Through this process of working through trapped emotions within the body I eliminated digestive issues completely from my life, never to return. I also became a Massage Therapist where I combined my awareness and body working skills to help people on their personal healing journey. Still I felt I needed the complete mind body spirit application which is what brought me to IIN. Now I am able to help people in all aspects of their life to discover how to live as their optimal self.

International Association for Health Coaches Member!