Digestive Healing

Our bodies love to be in perfect balance especially when it comes to the bacteria in our gut. By creating the right environment in addition to giving the body what it is missing, the digestive system not only feels better but has a chance to find a permanent solution to discomfort. I specialize in addressing disorders such as Reflux, IBS, Peptic Ulcers, Lactose Intolerance, Diverticulitis, Celiac Disease and Constipation, among many others. My practice focuses not only on treating these digestive disorders but identifying and resolving the interrelated root issues which may cause them.


Common Sense Food

We live in a very fast paced society for which there leaves little patience when it comes to our health. I am a firm believer in individuals being empowered to make their own educated health  decisions. This starts with learning to listen to the body. Sometimes just pausing to listen to our intuition before acting in a health matter can make all the difference. Just like the saying "listen to your gut", this couldn't be more true. I have designed a boot camp to help "turn on" this intuitive self using the 3 main factors in the origin of disease. You will discover that with a couple very practical theories you can avoid a lifetime of medical confusion. 



After bringing the digestive system to balance we find there is always some fine tuning to be done. Because hormones ultimately get their direction from the gut it can take a bit more time once the digestive system has what it needs to restore hormonal balance to the body. Using whole foods, super foods and a holistic approach, I work to help support the endocrine system while adding much emphasis on disease prevention.